H3C Security Expert Service is an expert support service that includes consultation and technical support services derived from customers' requirements for software deployment of H3C security products, security management system, operation and maintenance system and technical system construction. It can help customers build a security system.

    Strong service and operation team : With a service team of more than 300 people and perfect service qualifications, it has led and participated in more than 100 network security standards and accumulated more than 1200 network security patent technologies

    Rich practical experience : The number of CNVD vulnerabilities has accumulated more than 23800, and the company has won the Award of Outstanding Contribution in Vulnerability reporting for three consecutive years((Data source: CNVD-China National Vulnerability Database). The company has more than 1,000 service experiences in large and medium-sized projects, and provides network security assurance services for all kinds of major events and activities.

    Diversified security service capabilities : With the help of cloud intelligence center, it integrates and encapsulates security SaaS, security operation, AI intelligence analysis, threat intelligence, expert experience, etc., and provides diversified security service capabilities for customers' actual application scenarios