Vitech Asia is one of the leading providers of big data solutions for government and private sector clients. Our expertise includes data gathering from both structured and non-structured databases, data integration, compilation, and analytics. We specialize in system integration with any platform, operating system, and database using Apache and custom platforms, with a focus on API, SOA, ETL, ELT, and data stream upload.

    VTA Big Data is a system designed to collect, extract, and store data from various large-scale sources (big data). This system utilizes crawling and scraping techniques to access and retrieve data from different types of sources, such as websites, social media, databases, and more.

    Key Features:

    1) Automated crawler for data collection from various sources like websites and APIs.

    2) Scheduled and parallel crawling task scheduling.

    3) Data extraction using web scraping techniques and API calls.

    4) Data transformation and cleaning of collected data.

    5) Data storage in various database types like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB.

    6) Monitoring and logging for crawler performance monitoring.

    7) Automatic email notifications and reports.

    8) Compatible with various browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge.


    It is certified with ISO 27001 for information security.