VTA Browser is a browser specifically designed for accessing certain pre-registered websites. Based on the Windows operating system, VTA Browser operates independently (stand alone) and does not store user activity logs, cookies, or any data. VTA Browser is designed with security features that block the use of developer tools commonly found in regular browsers.

    In general, standard browser features such as back and forward buttons and a home page are still available and easily accessible in VTA Browser. However, it offers additional security and privacy measures to ensure that users can access the registered websites with peace of mind.

    With its focus on security, VTA Browser provides a robust solution for organizations and individuals seeking a secure browsing experience. By restricting access to developer tools, potential threats and unauthorized code modifications can be prevented, safeguarding the integrity of the websites and protecting user data.

    In summary, VTA Browser offers a specialized browsing experience for accessing specific registered sites while prioritizing security and user privacy. Its standalone nature and absence of activity logs or cookies make it an ideal choice for those who require dedicated access to registered sites without compromising security or privacy.