VTA Media Monitoring dan Analytic Application.  This application has the capability to collect and uncover insights from data gathered from social channels to support business decisions, measure the performance of actions based on those decisions, and analyze trends based on social media. 

    VTA Media Monitoring & Analytic Applications is a powerful software that can also be used to gather all information about what is happening in the world. By monitoring and analyzing media sources such as news outlets, social media platforms, and blogs, businesses and organizations can gather a comprehensive understanding of the world and specific individuals.

    Key Features:
    1) Real-time collection and processing of social media data.
    2) Sentiment analysis for social media.
    3) Identification and analysis of trending and viral topics.
    4) Data visualization in the form of interactive graphs and reports.
    5) Integration with social media APIs.
    6) Monitoring and analysis of digital marketing campaign performance.
    7) Scoring and ranking based on influence and popularity.

    It is certified with ISO 27001 for information security.