VTA Document and Gallery Management is created to effectively organize, store, and retrieve all kinds of documents and multimedia data, including pictures, videos, and audio files. This document management and gallery system's main goal is to make it simple and quick to retrieve files whenever needed.

    To identify and tag each document and multimedia item, the system makes use of sophisticated metadata and indexing algorithms. This categorization enables users to identify particular files quickly using keywords, dates, or other pertinent criteria, making search processes more effective and accurate.

    Additionally, the user-friendly interface of the VDGM makes it simple for authorized workers to upload, modify, and manage files. To increase security and data confidentiality, several access levels can be granted to users, ensuring that only people with the proper authorization can view, alter, or delete important documents.

    A document may have several versions, which may be stored, tracked, and controlled thanks to the system's version control features. When dealing with papers that go through many modifications, this capability is very helpful because it allows users to view and roll back to earlier versions as needed. 

    To protect against data loss or system failures, the system also uses reliable data backup and disaster recovery procedures. In the event of unforeseen problems, files are safeguarded and can be restored thanks to routine automated backups.

    Overall, VDGM facilitates the management of documents and multimedia files by giving businesses a productive and safe platform to handle their priceless data. 


    1) Search functionality for documents, photos, and videos.

    2) Management of documents, photos, and videos.

    3) Downloading of documents, photos, and videos.

    4) User access based on roles and permissions.

    5) Chat feature between users.

    6) Monitoring Dashboard to track system activities and performance.

    7) Compatible with various browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

    *ISO 27001 certification for information security